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5 ways to simplify your Stage-Gate® Process    Stage-Gate ready logo
Our software helps organizations simplify and accelerate their stage-gate processes. It was the original solution certified as Stage-Gate® Ready, and our consultants have been implementing NPD best-practice solutions over the last 20 years for companies big and small, around the world.

The software is easy to use, extremely configurable and automates more innovation processes in a single platform than any other. So you get the system you want, without the cost, risk and delay of customization or limited functionality. Here are 5 ways we can simplify your stage-gate process

1.Use predefined stage-gate templates Use predefined SG templates
Our project templates contain all the information needed to get a project started quickly, including stages and gates, roles and responsibilities, activity schedule and deliverables. Create different templates to fit the needs of each business such as 5 stage, 3 stage, 2 stage, Six Sigma and IT.
 2.Integrate with project management Integrate SG with project management
 Integrating stage-gate governance with the project plan means a single version of the truth for portfolio managers, gatekeepers, project leaders and project teams. Gatekeepers can drill down to the lowest level of detail, while detailed task progress is rolled up to show stage status. 
3.Enable cross-functional team collaboration
 Enable cross-functional team collaboration
 With a detailed project plan, you can assign each task to one or more team members.  They are notified of their work assignments and can then collaborate on task deliverables, action items, risks and discussion threads to get the work done, on time to the quality expected.
 4. Provide consistent management reporting Provide consistent management reporting
 All your project data resides in a single database, so is instantly available for consistent and up-to-date management reporting. Configurable dashboards provide portfolio views of your projects including gate approvals, schedule progress, cash flows and resource allocations. 
 5.Single web-based platform Single Web based platform
 Our system is 100% web browser-based, and includes all functionality in a single application and database.  So its easy to access from any location with real-time, consistent information. We offer the system both as a ‘cloud-based’ service, or a traditional in-house installation. 
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