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Colin Palombo, IFT’s co-founder, will be presenting at the Product Development and Management Association (PDMA) global Competitive Edge Conference, on Monday November 13th in Chicago.

This is the #1 global conference on end-to-end product development and innovation management.  Colin Palombo has been invited to present on the emerging best practice of hybrid agile + stage & gate approaches to Product Development.  In the session, Colin will cover:

  1. What is ‘agile development’ and how does it apply to new product development.
  2. How to incorporate agile concepts into a stage and gate new product development process.
  3. How to evaluate if you are ready to be successful with an agile stage and gate process for bold innovation.


The session consists of an initial introduction to agile concepts, and then guides the participants through a seven step simulation to apply agile concepts to their own new product development organization. Each participant uses a workbook handout to follow the simulation and document their own learnings.

The seven steps are:
1. Selecting projects for agile stage & gate
2. Agile teams
3. Certainty modeling
4. Releases & stages
5. Iterations & stories
6. Gates & pivots
7. Management & metrics


Link to PDMA website



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