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Is Stage-Gate relevant, now that Agile methodologies are being adopted

The original idea for the Stage-Gate® Innovation process – now used worldwide to manage product development projects – came from research by Dr. Robert G Cooper, who was studying how successful “intrapreneurs” within large companies created product innovations. [1] The findings were written up as a paper and soon the phone started ringing with interest from industry. Thirty-five […]

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4 Steps to Experiment Your Way to Bolder Ideas

How can you use experiments to accelerate and de-risk bold ideas, while killing or pivoting away from the bad ones? Here are four steps to include experimentation in your front end of innovation process.

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IFT to speak at PDMA 2017 Annual Conference

Colin Palombo, IFT’s co-founder, will be presenting at the PDMA’s global Competitive Edge Conference, on Monday November 13th in Chicago. He has been invited to present on the emerging best practice of hybrid agile + stage & gate approaches for Product Development.

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How to innovate more systematically discussed at Paris Innovation Leader Breakfast Tour

On April 25th and 26th in Paris, IFT and its partner Qmarkets have gathered innovation practitioners from leading European organizations for a rare opportunity to discover global innovation best practices.

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IFT becomes first certified vendor to offer ‘Agile Stage Gate’

March 1, 2017 – IFT becomes first vendor to achieve ‘Innovation Team Agility’ certification by Stage-Gate International. Agile Stage-Gate will transform your NPD process.

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Stage-Gate Innovation Summit 2017 – IFT to present Agile Best-Practices Workshop

Colin Palombo, co-founder and Managing Partner of Innovation Framework Technologies, is to present a workshop at the Stage-Gate Innovation Summit 2017, entitled ” The Case for Building Agility into a Traditional Stage-Gate® Process”.
Innovation Framework Technologies is an event sponsor for this year’s Stage-Gate Innovation Summit from April 5th-7th at the Ritz Carlton, Orlando Florida.

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IFT gets Stage-Gate® Ready Certification Version III

New York (USA), Paris (France), Tokyo (Japan), Seoul (Korea) – May 14, 2013
Innovation Framework Technologies (IFT) today announced that Stage-Gate International (SGI), the most recognized and trusted market leader in product innovation methods and best practices, has certified the IFT-NPD software solution for organizations looking to optimize their innovation and new product development practices. Already the first solution to become “Stage-Gate ready” in 2007, IFT-NPD has been re-certified by SGI for the third time on a set of 115 mandatory and 97 optional criteria, which now includes the ability to automate innovation strategy and process optimization.

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