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Is Stage-Gate relevant, now that Agile methodologies are being adopted

The original idea for the Stage-Gate® Innovation process – now used worldwide to manage product development projects – came from research by Dr. Robert G Cooper, who was studying how successful “intrapreneurs” within large companies created product innovations. [1] The findings were written up as a paper and soon the phone started ringing with interest from industry. Thirty-five […]

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4 Steps to Experiment Your Way to Bolder Ideas

How can you use experiments to accelerate and de-risk bold ideas, while killing or pivoting away from the bad ones? Here are four steps to include experimentation in your front end of innovation process.

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IFT becomes first certified vendor to offer ‘Agile Stage Gate’

March 1, 2017 – IFT becomes first vendor to achieve ‘Innovation Team Agility’ certification by Stage-Gate International. Agile Stage-Gate will transform your NPD process.

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