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March 1, 2017 – IFT becomes first vendor to achieve ‘Innovation Team Agility’ certification by Stage-Gate International.

The core mission of IFT has always been to offer the latest innovation best practices and software functionality for our customers.  This started 10 years ago, when we became the first company in the world to be ‘Stage-Gate® Ready’ certified by Stage-Gate international, and we have continued to be re-certified ever since.

IFT has again achieved another first – we are the first company in the world to be certified on the latest ‘Agile Product Development’ best practices as recommended by Stage-Gate international. Dr. Robert Cooper has written that ‘Agile Stage-Gate’ is the most important evolution to new product development for over 20 years, and offers profound new ways to deliver bold innovation projects faster and more successfully than traditional Stage-Gate techniques. As of March 1st, only two other vendors in the world have subsequently achieved certification – see the certification directory at

Michelle Jones, Chief Innovation Officer of Stage-Gate International further adds “Software that has achieved Stage-Gate® Ready certification for Team Agility has the necessary features and functionality to address the gap that innovation teams face in enabling flexibility, agility, and speed when commercializing new products.”

Colin Palombo, IFT’s Managing Partner Americas comments “We believe Agile product development techniques, when combined with the Stage-Gate® Process, offers the best way to deliver higher risk innovation projects in today’s rapidly changing markets. Our software helps businesses adopt these new practices quickly and effectively.” 

In addition to our software capabilities, IFT is committed to providing education and support for organizations who would like to find out more about Agile Stage Gate. As an example of this, we are presenting a three hour workshop at Stage Gate International’s 2017 Innovation Summit entitled: The Case for Building Agility into a Traditional Stage-Gate® Process. See


SG Certified

Please contact us to request a copy of our certification scorecard, or to find out more about how Agile Stage and gate could be deployed in your organization.





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