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Planisware® is the world’s most comprehensive new product development software platform.

First launched 20 years ago, Planisware is now used by over 33% of the top 100 global R&D spenders and over 290 organizations across 4 continents.  Planisware continues to invest in its software, adding features and new releases to expand its capabilities.

IFT has been implementing Planisware for over 10 years.  Starting with release 4, then release 5 and now release 6, we have now helped over 40 organizations around the world get real business benefits from their Planisware investment.

IFT offers certified consulting for existing Planisware customers, to help you get the most from your Planisware system.


Contact us now to find out how you could benefit from our cost-effective services, including:

Simplify, to increase ROI

Is your current Planisware configuration too complex or too customized? Could it be simplified or redesigned, to streamline your processes and improve usability?

Planisware version 6 now offers tremendous ‘out of the box’ configuration capabilities.  We can help you re-design your existing system and business processes to take advantage of Planisware 6 capabilities, eliminate customizations and increase usability and maintainability.

Enhanced reporting, for better insights

Are you taking full advantage of Planisware’s built-in dashboard and report builder to automate reporting?

Planisware includes a powerful business intelligence tool to help your people get accurate and timely information.  This helps to keep stakeholders informed, and enables decision makers to take the right action for your projects, portfolios and resources. We provide services to help you build and deploy dashboards and reports for your specific information needs.

Expand, to generate more value

Are you using all the capabilities of the Planisware version you already have?  Do you need to expand the use of the platform to other business units or departments?

We can help you re-design your business processes and then configure and deploy new Planisware capabilities for your existing or additional users. The more processes you can digitize with Planisware, the more value and agility your organization will obtain.

Train, to gain better usage

Are your people using the most appropriate innovation best-practices with your software? Do they know how to best use the features and functionality of Planisware? Do you administrators know how to use Planisware Pro to manage your system?

Our training classes and workshops help your people gain the skills needed to use Planisware effectively.

Upgrade to Planisware Version 6

Are you on Planisware version 5 and want to take advantage of all the new capabilities and user interface in version 6?

We have successfully upgraded customers from one version to the next, including organizations with highly customized installations.  Our experienced team can handle even the most complex upgrades, helping you to migrate existing customizations or replace them with new core functionality, convert your project and reference data to the new data model and thoroughly acceptance test your upgraded system before deployment.

Interface, for faster, cleaner data flows

Have you synchronized your key business data between different systems?

Planisware is one of your core business data hubs.  Sharing its data with your ERP, CRM and other business systems will increase data accuracy, accelerate your business processes and reduce manual administration.  We can implement, upgrade and support your desired Planisware system interfaces, using Planisware’s built-in data connector technology.

Customize, for your unique processes

Are you looking to extend your Planisware to support your own unique business processes and information needs?

Planisware is highly customizable – and we should know, as we built our own comprehensive layer on Planisware to create the first ever Stage-Gate Ready certified application.

We offer our process design, customization and support services for your own Planisware platform.  This includes assessing how best to achieve your business objectives – either through configuring standard functionality, or providing custom extensions built using Planisware’s own customization tool (Planisware Pro). Now you streamline the software to meet your unique business needs, rather than trying to force-fit your business into a generic process.

Planisware is a registered trademark of Planisware S.A.S.

Want to maximize the value from your Planisware software investment?