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Over 70% of US companies are now considering ‘agile’ techniques for physical new product development, according to a 2016 Management Roundtable survey.

As Dr Robert Cooper states “Combining agile project management techniques with a full stage-gate lifecycle is the most important change to the product development process in 30 years.”

Agile project techniques, first defined in 2001 for tackling risky software projects, can now deliver proven benefits for your new (physical) product development process, including:

  • Increased success rates for risky or complex NPD projects.
  • Faster time to market – up to 30% compared to traditional approaches.
  • Improved team productivity, communication & morale.
  • A new agile responsive mentality, deeply embedded in your organization.
  • Develop new products that combine hardware, electronics, & software (for the ‘internet of things’).
  • Minimized bureaucracy and linear thinking that can plague traditional stage & gate processes.

How We Help

‘Agile’ is much more than a buzzword, and organizations must adopt a number of agile best-practices to be effective.

Although companies may be clear on the opportunity, many don’t know how to translate agile to their existing product development organizations or stage & gate processes.

Companies may also lack the skills to identify and execute the change program necessary for an effective transition to an systematic agile approach.

We have solved these problems for you, with the world’s first ever certified ‘Agile Stage-Gate© Ready’ certified software, with agile best-practices built in.

Problems We Solve
  • Identify how agile techniques should best be adapted and implemented for your business.
  • Define your agile development approach with our agile + stage & gate project templates.
  • Accelerate team learning with our online agile support guide.
  • Accelerate project time to market.
  • Increase team collaboration & productivity.
  • Replace stage & gate document templates with agile online ‘story’ fields.

Want to learn how to use agile techniques in your innovation process?

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