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Perpetual Licensing or Subscription Licensing

Our perpetual licensing plan enables you to pay for the software up-front and then only incur an annual support and maintenance fee each year after that. This plan is typically suited to larger installations with hundreds of users, lowering your total cost of ownership over multiple years.

Our subscription licensing plan enables you to pay as you go, starting with a small number of users and then expand the system over time to support your whole user community. This plan also typically offers the lowest cost of ownership for 100 users or less.

With both plans, the license price is calculated based on the number of users you require for different user access profiles, so you only pay for access you need. Please contact us for more details and a price quotation tailored to your requirements.

Type Perpetual License Annual Subscription License
Upfront purchase fee
Annual subscription fee
Annual maintenance
Support services
Implementation services Additional Additional
Training services Additional Additional
Cloud hosting fee Optional Optional

In-house Installation or Cloud Hosting

You can choose to install our software in your own systems environment, or have us host the software for you in our secure, certified data centers. Either way, it’s exactly the same software and functionality and installation environment. It’s just a question of whether you want us to manage the application for you, or if you prefer to do this in-house.

Our secure hosted solution reduces your IT costs – there is no need to pay for hardware, database software, middleware, data center rack space, administrator training or in-house dedicated IT support. It also means the system can be up and running quickly, to support our Express Implementation approach.

Some customers prefer to start with our hosting service for the initial year, and then migrate over to in-house hosting after that. The migration process is simple and quick to complete.

Robust Software Architecture

Our software uses an industry-standard technical architecture for enterprises, which scales from 10 users to thousands.

  • Compatible with all standard browsers.
  • Industry standard relational database & web server.
  • Scalable from 10 to 1000’s of users.
  • 100% of functionality is ‘native’ web-based.
  • No add-ons, plug-ins or 3rd party tools needed.
  • Standard connectors to LDAP, SharePoint, MS Office etc.
  • Custom connectors with any other system.
You Host We Host
100% dedicated to you
Interface with other systems
Unrestricted customization
Enforced upgrades
Certified data center ?
100% network uptime You Provide We Provide
Technical admin. tasks You Provide We Provide
System monitoring You Provide We Provide
Data backups You Provide We Provide
Security & firewall You Provide We Provide
Database You Provide We Provide
Server hardware You Provide We Provide