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Your innovation pipeline is only as good as the ideas coming into it, and while most companies have no problem finding incremental ideas, many struggle to discover the big, bold ideas that will drive profitable growth.

Top innovators know that this ‘front end of innovation’ is too important to be left to chance. They implement an automated ideation process that yields a steady stream of good ideas. They also know that ideation is not just about technology, it’s also about combining new business models, partners, processes, services & experiences to create customer value.

Our ideation software automates your entire front end of innovation process, and scales from departmental usage connecting less than 100 users, to full open-innovation for over a million idea submitters.

The system can be deployed standalone or integrated with our other modules.

Problems Solved
  • How will we find bolder ideas, instead of incremental ones?
  • How can we motivate employees to suggest new ideas?
  • How can we ideate with customers, suppliers & the crowd?
  • Can we accelerate idea generation?
  • How should we pick the best ideas to become projects?

Our Ideas module is powered by Qmarkets software.

« Great inventors have a process, an individual process, and it usually involves connecting things that most of us don’t see the connections in.
We also focused on creating a practice of open innovation taking advantage of the skills and interests of people throughout the company and looking for partnerships outside P&G. »

A.G. Lafley, CEO Procter & Gamble

Idea Management Key Features

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