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Creating and updating product data during development can be challenging, as it often resides in a variety of disconnected stage documents, spreadsheets and home-grown databases.

With integrated product data, project teams can improve product differentiation, customer value and time-to-market. Gatekeepers make better gate decisions, and executives monitor product success metrics to improve overall innovation performance.

Our Products module streamlines all product-related information throughout the project development lifecycle. Capture requirements and propose product definitions, specifications and alternate configurations. Test business case assumptions for each configuration, and track compliance with requirements. Transfer product data to ERP systems ready for launch, and monitor post-launch metrics. Reuse standard items in our product library to define new products quickly and consistently.

The module can be deployed standalone, or integrated with our stage & gate projects and strategic planning modules.

Problems Solved
  • What requirements should this project satisfy?
  • What product variants will this project launch?
  • What is the definition & specifications of each product?
  • How will each product variant make money?
  • How will each product variant be configured?
  • What are the best alternate variants to launch?
  • Did each product variant meet its requirements claims?
  • How successful have our product launches been?

Our Products module is powered by Planisware software.

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