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A stage & gate product development process has been proven time and again to significantly improve success rates for developing new products. Over 70% of NPD organizations in the United States use stage & gate, but not all achieve good results, as many lack the rigor, best-practice or ease-of-use of  a high performance Agile Stage-Gate system, or fail to integrate it with portfolio, project and resource management.

Our software has been certified by Stage-Gate International as a high performance Hybrid Stage-Gate system. One that integrates widely implemented project management methodologies (Agile, Scrum, Kanban, Spiral Development) into a efficient Stage-Gate Idea-to-Launch Process. Project teams can now deliver projects more effectively, gatekeepers can make timely project interventions and executives get clear visibility and predictability into their innovation pipelines.

Our Projects Module can be deployed standalone, or integrated with our portfolios, ideation and products modules.

Problems Solved
  • How do we track and improve our NPD success rates?
  • How can we achieve best-practice, agile stage-gate processes?
  • How can we streamline & accelerate our project time-to-market?
  • What is our single system of truth for all project information?
  • Eliminate disconnected tools like spreadsheets, shared folders & MS Project.

Our Projects module is powered by Planisware software.

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Stage-Gate Project Management - Key Features