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Many businesses struggle with defining actionable strategic plans and translating them into aligned spending decisions.

A good strategy focuses your organization on innovation objectives, guides your product & technology direction, and steers resource allocation and project funding decisions. Equally importantly, it explains how your innovation investment supports business goals.

Our software provides the tools to plan & communicate your innovation strategy. Use roadmaps to build market, product & technology plans. Forecast portfolio budget & resource needs, predict financial impact, prioritize projects and commit funding. Then analyze ‘what-if’ scenarios to optimize your portfolio.

The software can be deployed standalone or integrated with our ideation, projects and products modules.

Problems Solved
  • How does our R&D investment support our business objectives?
  • Can we accelerate our plans to increase return on investment?
  • What budgets & resources will we need to execute successfully?
  • How should we balance investment across different objectives?
  • What are the right technology & development projects to fund?

Our Roadmaps and Portfolios module is powered by Planisware software.

« An articulated innovation strategy is one of the most important drivers of new product performance »


Portfolios and Roadmaps - Key Features

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