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Colin Palombo, co-founder and Managing Partner of Innovation Framework Technologies, is to present a workshop at the Stage-Gate Innovation Summit 2017, entitled “The Case for Building Agility into a Traditional Stage-Gate® Process”.
Innovation Framework Technologies is an event sponsor for this year’s Stage-Gate Innovation Summit from April 5th-7th at the Ritz Carlton, Orlando Florida.

Click here for a link to the summit webpage.

Through the use of simulation techniques delegates will navigate a generic new product idea from conception to development through both a hybrid and traditional Stage-Gate process. This workshop is ideal for those just starting their Stage-Gate journey or contemplating building agility into an existing, traditional process. This session will provide participants with the opportunity to compare and contrast the strengths and weaknesses of each. A definite must attend for those eager to explore how adopting, adapting and integrating Agile and Stage-Gate principles to create a hybrid NPD process might solve some of the biggest innovation challenges that they are currently facing. Five important takeaways from this workshop will include:

  1. How to set-up a hybrid process from scratch
  2. How to modify a traditional Stage-Gate process to integrate the benefits of Agile
  3. Pitfalls of an Agile process and how to avoid them
  4. Implications for project leaders, project teams and gatekeepers
  5. The benefits of software automation for managing Agile, Stage-Gate projects

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