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if you are a midsize organization that has identified NPD and Innovation as key drivers of its revenue growth, IFT provides a single software platform with embedded best practices to manage your entire NPD and Innovation program, which:

  • Accelerates new product time to market.
  • Increases the number of new products that achieve their revenue targets.
  • Increases return on NPD investment.
  • Provides real-time visibility of status & performance, improving decision making and execution results.

The Innovation Framework Difference

IT PPM vendors NPD PPM Vendors Innovation Framework Technologies
Designed specifically for R&D and innovation organizations
Manages your entire R&D program – products as well as project & service work
Affordable & rapid personalization, configuration & integration
Pre-configured with innovation best-practices

What makes or breaks an innovation transformation initiative?  In our experience it comes down to three critical factors that we uniquely offer:

Manage all R&D.  Your organization and processes all work together to deliver results, so your software should too. A bundle of software tools that automate different bits of your work will be frustrating and have limited impact. Our software integrates all the activities of R&D organizations, covering every dollar and every hour of R&D investment.  And does it all with a single application, database and user access, which has been rated as best-in-class by industry analysts like Forrester, Gartner and Info-Tech.

Personalized Processes.  Software should make your processes faster, better and easier.  It should be a system to improve innovation performance, not an inflexible reporting tool to just ‘track stuff’.  Our software is rapidly configurable to your business-specific processes AND easily personalized for each user, to help them get their work done.

Certified Best-Practice Guidance.  To improve your results, you may need help in adopting the latest innovation techniques.  We offer all the best content from Dr. Cooper & Dr. Edgett, and were the first company in the world to be certified in these practices.

stage-gate ready
This gives you an immediate head start, and confidence to know you are doing the right things to improve your results.

Want to grow your business through innovation?

Common Problems

Our mission is to help our clients become the innovation leaders, not the followers. We do this by helping you solve these common problems:

Business Unit Leaders

concerned they are being out-innovated by the competition, or potentially disrupted by new entrants.

VPs of R&D

charged with delivering impactful innovation, but swamped by incremental projects and limited capability for bolder, breakthrough initiatives.

Chief Marketing Officers

knowing where markets are heading, yet frustrated by the rate of new product launches and time-to-market of their current innovation pipeline.

Chief Technology Officers

aware of game changing new technologies, yet unable to get business traction to develop the platforms needed to enable new solutions.

Heads of Engineering

knowing that ‘business as usual’ is not an option, and must embrace new processes and supply chain technologies to remain competitive.

Our Value for You

There are many intangible benefits from deploying our innovation system. Better communication and coordination between business functions and management layers. Increased ambition and participation in your innovation pipeline. And a self-reinforcing winning mentality of delivering successful, impactful new products. For some organizations, these intangible benefits alone are sufficient to justify the deployment of our solution.

Other Executive Teams may require a more tangible justification for deploying our innovation platform. What are the key objectives? What is the business case? What is your current innovation performance compared to others? What is the plan for benefits realization? We can help you answer these questions to provide you with a compelling case for change.

Let’s be specific. Here are a few key metrics of innovation performance that our solution modules will positively impact.

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Roadmaps & Portfolios

  • Increase the return on R&D investment, by planning for & selecting the right projects.
  • Reduce innovation risk, by selecting a balanced portfolio of project types and launch timings.
  • Increase R&D funding, with compelling alignment of innovation projects to achieve business goals.
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  • Increase the number of bold ideas generated by your employees.
  • Increase the number of ideas gathered from external sources – customers, suppliers, ‘the crowd’ etc.
  • Minimize the time it takes to submit, nurture and select ideas for further development.
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  • Increase the number of new product launches that meet their revenue, profit & market share targets.
  • Increase the number of research projects that achieve targeted claims and technology readiness. ™
  • Reduce new product time-to-market.
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  • Increase product value, by optimizing customer needs, requirements and specifications.
  • Improve gate decisions, with clearer financial forecasts and assumptions.
  • Increase product success rates, by tracking post-launch metrics against plan.
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